Do you think the knicks will win against the lakers?

Friday, June 11, 2010

"The greater the truth, the greater the libel."

To me this quote means that the tuth is what ever we make it to be. Whether its a lie or not its all based on our story. This has come up so many times in my life where it was wondered whether I was something I was not, everyone assumed I was the other way so thhe truth became i was that way. I evened assumed I was like that until I was tested and seen how different I really was, although I will not explain what that something was because its just some part of my life I just dont like to visit. But I still do long to be what im not, but want to become.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Game 2

Last night the Celtics evened the series at 1 as Rajon Rondo was looking like a superstar last night, whether it was point offensive rebounds or assist, he had it all last night. Rajon rondo finished last night. He finished the game with 19points, 10 assist and 12 rebounds. Kobe was in foul trouble the whole night which led their star player some key minutes on the bench. Ray Allen also added an NBA record 8 threes in a row. If the Lakers want to beat this team now, they got to win a game on the Celtics home court which is goin to be a very hard task. But with Kobe anything is possible.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Wow so friday started off with anxiousness and anticipation for the meal not to be as much as I expected. But one I walked into the room my expression changed. As I seen for trays filled with General Tso chicken, Wings, fried rice, and french fries. Plus snacks on the side to keep us busy. I had also brought a container which came in handy when it was time for 2nds. Randy, Bruce and I were all joking around and suprisingly on the first plate we were all full AND THATS CRAZY BECAUSE WE CAME TO GRUB. The seasame chicken savored on my tongue as each bite got more fufilling. The french fries were soggy but well seasoned which gave it a lovely taste. The wings were also well season as the rice just made the meal complete with the taste of flavor just goin through out my mouth. It was a lovely day although we thought it would be a class effort after most ate they dipped like wow shaking my heads at yall. Also the DJz were teribble, they shoud have let Randy DJ. But apart from that it was a great day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Burger King

Burger King fast food is a nice treat to give the family. Although some burger king's take awhile to get the food ready the ending result is very satisfying. My personal favorite burger from their is their double cheese burger which is very tasty for only a dollar. Another one i enjoy is their different combinations of the Angus burger. Both choices will leave you full and satisfied. But don't get it twisted the managers can be very rude as just the other day I visited one and the manager was going at it with a customer who was waiting for his friend, stating if he wasn't buying anything get out. Customer satisfaction is a five for anyone who enjoys a good burger, but employee care might need a little adjustment as it gets a 2 in my eyes. Overall it'll be a nice experience worth taking your family to, as the whole family can enjoy a place like this.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kagan ups an downs

President Obama confirmed Solicitor General Elena Kagan would replace Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court.

Fox news : Well fox news Andrea Tantaros believes that Elena Kagan, if confirmed, just might be Obama’s biggest, and most potent legacy. Andrea also believes that Kagan would has the smarts to approve or deny pending lawsuits, bills and resolutions which have been introduced in at least 36 state legislatures. She also compared Kagans background information in politics to our president, stating just like our president her paper trail is not that much so we may not know what to expect all due to the simple fact she was never a judge but not to use this to determine whether shes a good fit or not. But also believing that we shouldn't hold our thumbs up yet as Elena will have to show weather she is qualified making the most serious and sensitive decisions in our country's history, as this will determine whether shes will be Obama's potential past.

NY Daily News: A reporter with the email adress of stated thecritques new downs which target Kagan's decision making as being atrocious as the Dean of harvard law school and not of quality as what we would need in our supreme court as aposed to Andres thought. As record, shown by Earl Ofari Hutchinson a commentator of hoften post, show that she had an abominable record on recruiting and hiring minority professors. Which also shows the hiring of 23 white men, 5 white women and one Asian-American woman;but noted not one black or Latino professor in the mix. Sounds a little bit biased if you ask me. But yet feels that this is just a small peice of evidence that would probally get thrown out by critiques from the facilty members. But this evidence was proven a little more less needed when a black professor working while she was a dean said that it also had to be passed by a majority rule from the other professors in cases. As louis goes deeper he/she notes that even the late legend thurgood marshall said she wa s a great assistant to him in her time working as an assistant with him which would add to Andreas(foxnews) opinion. Elouis also stated that the President probaly did more briefing about race, racism, symbols and reality than anybody else in America and just like Andrea, believes that if the President made the decision only time can tell, also adding that we should give the president the benefit of the doubt

Friday, May 7, 2010

Terrorist citizens

Dear editor, I totally agree with you this marriage of u.s citizens is a major problem in the society. From examples like Ali Mohammad to attacks of embassy's like the 1998 one . Or a more recent one like the 9/11 one. When will terror stop, should they start leading to bans on terror suspect. But its a free country so will the Muslims start screaming racism. Who knows I just feel this is one of them problem that will carry on no matter what we do but hey I say we keep a tab on any terrorist suspect for a number of years before trusting innocence. Good idea to me.... don't you think?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Suposed after effect of spoil

Dear Thomas L. Friedman, I believe you are totally right. Mother Nature will not be fooled if we just lay back and let this oil spill ruin our energy and environmental future. We have to also take this spill as a lesson, mistake like this can be very costly. You said bills need to be passed and indeed that is true The Kerry-Lieberman-Graham bill may not be perfect but its a step in the right way. It includes support for more off-shore drilling, nuclear power and concessions to coal companies. But also could be improved by adding more quality workers to increase tighter safeguards on off-shore drilling. Also like you said the president has to go all in with his support to get this approved. But we have a lot of work to do and little things like this would help.